Christmas is right around the corner!  Can you believe it?  Even though the Christmas holiday comes the same time every year, a lot of us tend to procrastinate and end up doing all of our shopping at the last minute.  The clock is ticking and the time for shopping will soon be over!  But even if you are one of those who has waited until the last minute to wrap up your shopping, you don’t have to overspend or put a lot of time into shopping to make it thru the struggles of waiting until the last minute.

1. Make a list and pare it down.

Since you’re down to the wire, now is not the time to splurge on your Christmas gifts because for the most part, the best holiday prices have come and gone.  Soooo…make a list and get shopping!  Lists aren’t just reserved for groceries.  Making a Christmas shopping list is crucial when you are hunting for gifts and it can actually cut down your shopping time. Write down only the names of those people you definitely want to buy for.  It can be very tempting to pick up an adorable for a neighbor’s child and maybe a gift card for a co-worker but doing so can quickly cause your Christmas budget to spiral out of control.  And sorry to break it to you but it is best to leave all those items on the shelf that you would love to have for yourself.

2. Call the store ahead and set a time limit.

Once you have your final list in hand, determine a reasonable amount of time to pick up those gifts.  Calling the store to check the availability of an item and reserving it can also be very beneficial to you. It saves you tons of time and enables you to only visit the retail stores that actually carry the product you’re looking for.  You can also use your smartphone or other electronic device to do some comparison shopping and you may also be able to find yourself some coupons.  Most retailers will now use your smartphone coupons by scanning them right from your device.

3. Go shopping early.

This is not the time to curl up in bed! You’re way behind on your Christmas shopping so you have to cut the pillow hugging short for now. Get up early, get a good breakfast, and be at the mall or your store of choice before it even opens. Wherever you’re headed, you have to anticipate anything that might slow you down including traffic, other shoppers, etc. Think of it like getting to school on time, only this is more fun.


These are just a few of my suggestions on last minute shopping and saving a little money along the way.  Best wishes for happy shopping and a Merry Christmas!