Let’s face it, finding the motivation to leave your home during the winter months can really be tough (or non-existent), especially with temperatures ranging from chilly to downright frigid. Instead of braving the elements, many opt to hibernate at home. But staying cozy at home can often mean high heating bills. To optimize comfort without breaking the bank, HouseLogic published tips that will have people happy they opted to stay indoors. For example, cleaning the glass on your windows allows more natural light into the home. If you do need an extra light or two on, make sure all light bulbs are dust-free, making your home appear 30 percent brighter. Other tips to keep homes lounge-worthy include getting indoor plants, which suck up vapors emitted from household cleaners and paints and also decrease household dust due to increased humidity, changing your HVAC filter every few months, and sealing air leaks around windows and doors, and also wall outlets, electrical boxes and recessed lights.